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CSU Tropical Cyclone Impact Probabilities

TC impact probability

We are debuting a new methodology for calculating the impacts of tropical cyclones for each state and county/parish along the Gulf and East Coasts, tropical cyclone-prone provinces of Canada, islands in the Caribbean and countries in Central America. We have used NOAA’s Historical Hurricane Tracks website and selected all named storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes that have tracked within 50 miles of each landmass from 1880-2020.


CSU Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation (AMO) index

AMO index

In 2008, Phil Klotzbach and Bill Gray published a paper in Journal of Climate discussing a newly-developed Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation index that utilized a combination of two predictors, 1) Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in the far North Atlantic from 50-60°N, 50-10°W and 2) sea level pressures (SLPs) in the North Atlantic from 0-50°N, 70-10°W. At present, the index is calculated by weighing the SST component as 60% of the index and the SLP component as the remaining 40%.


CSU Tropical Cyclone Forecast Archive

Forecast Archive

CSU has been issuing seasonal Atlantic hurricane forecasts since 1984. These forecasts have evolved since their inception and now include sub-seasonal (e.g., two-week) forecasts issued during the peak months of the hurricane season. Find more about our history and past TC forecasts here.


Lidar Radar Open Software Environment


LROSE is a National Science Foundation (NSF) supported project to develop common software for the Lidar, Radar, and Profiler community based on collaborative, open source development. The core package is being jointly developed by CSU and the Earth Observing Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR/EOL).

Real-time statistics calculated from operational best tracks of NHC, CPHC and JTWC

Real-Time Tropical Cyclone Statistics

We are revamping our real-time statistics display for the 2023 season. Stay tuned for exciting new content! For current statistics, see the legacy site here: TC Statistics

Our Curated List of Helpful Resources in the TC Community

External Resources

United States Warning Centers

Model Guidance

  • NCAR Tropical Cyclone Guidance Project – Real-time operational model output whenever tropical cyclones are active anywhere around the globe.
  • Tropical Tidbits – Global forecast model output and real-time analysis tools.
  • SUNY-Albany (Brian Tang) – Operational guidance as well as model trends and preliminary verification for active North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific tropical cyclones.

Satellite Analysis


Global Tropical Cyclone Statistics

  • Ryan Maue – Real-time global Accumulated Cyclone Energy (ACE) tabulations, along with plots of historical ACE and hurricane frequency.