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Colorado State University has issued forecasts of Atlantic basin hurricane activity for over 36 years. Following the pioneering work of Prof. William Gray, our group continues the long CSU tradition in forecasting with continually improving techniques for predicting tropical cyclone activity powered by new research.

Tropical Weather and Climate Research


We conduct cutting-edge research to advance knowledge and prediction of the weather and climate system. Our research group is focused on improved understanding and prediction of tropical weather, including hurricanes and typhoons, extreme rainfall, and other high impact weather.

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Ting-Yu Cha awarded Taiwan Ministry of Education graduate fellowship

Ph.D. candidate Ting-Yu Cha, advised by Associate Professor Michael Bell, has received a two-year fellowship from the Taiwan Ministry of Education to study heavy rainfall in Taiwan.

Cha’s proposed project is “Examination of Dynamic and Thermodynamic processes of Heavy Precipitation over Taiwan with the upcoming PRECIP field campaign observations.” PRECIP, the Prediction of Rainfall Extremes Campaign in the Pacific, aims to improve understanding of the multi-scale processes important for generating extreme rainfall in the moisture-rich environment of Taiwan and the western North Pacific.

“I hope the research can improve our understanding of the fundamental processes that produce heavy rainfall,” Cha said. “I look forward to participating in the PRECIP field campaign next year!”