2019 Tropical Meteorology Project Forecast Schedule

Date Forecast / Summary Title
August 5, 2019TBD
July 9, 2019TBD
June 4, 2019TBD
April 4, 2019Forecast of 2019 Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity
December 13, 2018Qualitative Discussion of 2019 Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity
November 28, 2018 Verification of 2018 Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts

Next Seasonal Forecast Release Date:

June 4, 2019

CSU’s bi-weekly forecasts for Accumulated Cyclone Energy are issued during the peak three months of the Atlantic hurricane season from August-October.

Landfalling Hurricane Probability Project

Displays probabilities of landfalling tropical cyclones along the United States coastline from Brownsville, TX to Eastport, ME. Probabilities are displayed for each coastal state, as well as for 11 regions and 205 counties and are based on the latest forecast by Dr. Gray and his team. Caribbean and Central American landfall probabilities are also available. This webpage is co-produced by the GeoGraphics Lab, Bridgewater State University.