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Tao, D., K. Emanuel, F. Zhang, R. Rotunno, M. M. Bell, R. Nystrom,, : Evaluation of the Assumptions in the Steady-State Tropical Cyclone Self-Stratified Outflow Using Three-Dimensional Convection-Allowing Simulations. J. Atmos. Sci., 76, 2995-3009 ,

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    The criteria and assumptions that were used to derive the steady-state tropical cyclone intensity and structure theory of Emanuel and Rotunno are assessed using three-dimensional convection-allowing simulations using the Weather Research and Forecasting Model. One real-data case of Hurricane Patricia (2015) and two idealized simulations with and without vertical wind shear are examined. In all three simulations, the gradient wind balance is valid in the inner-core region above the boundary layer. The angular momentum M and saturation entropy surfaces s* near the top of the boundary layer, in the outflow region and along the angular momentum surface that passes the low-level radius of maximum wind MRMW are nearly congruent, satisfying the criterion of slantwise moist neutrality in the vicinity of MRMW. The theoretically derived maximum wind magnitude above the boundary layer compares well with the simulated maximum tangential wind and gradient wind using the azimuthally averaged pressure field during the intensification and quasi-steady state of the simulated storms. The Richardson number analysis of the simulated storms shows that small Richardson number (0 , Ri

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